About Us

Scotty Dog Golf was created for golf 'fanatics' by golf 'lunatics' in 2011. Over the years our scores reduced but we never stopped exploring ways to improve our overall game. We read books by the great players and learnt that a lot of success is down to the players frame of mind. No matter how easy or difficult a shot can be, if you don't approach it in the right frame of mind then it can be costly. ​Scotty Dog Golf was formed to offer something different, a bespoke service for something you use on every hole, why not have it personalised.​
We know that the golf course can be a lonely place when you're not hitting the ball well. This is when you need to be strong psychologically. To help you, you need golf aids (like a personalised putting marker) that mean something positive to you. Something that distracts you from negative thoughts. Such golf aids can help you turn it around.​ Well that's enough from me. I'm off to pit my wits in a 4-ball, but if you have any questions about our products or service, then please get in touch by emailing me Stephen Cryer here: stephen@scottydoggolf.com